In addition to music, acting, writing, and illustration, I am also an award-winning and aspiring screenwriter.  This page is designed to give an overview of my screenplays by providing log lines and pitches to all of my scripts. If you have any questions, comments, would like one of your own screenplays doctored, or would like to request a full screenplay, you can reach me at: gorkytheband@gmail.com

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in the land of good oaks

LOGLINE: In this semi-autobiographical musical drama Rhys Diaz, the gifted but self-sabotaging musician with PTSD as well as the vigilante founding father of Sitgreaves County, Arizona, must learn to control his anger and overcome his inner turmoil through the healing power of music if he is to land the record deal of his dreams.

All inquiries: gorkytheband@gmail.com 

Nicholas kringle

LOGLINE: When cynical teenager Nick Kilgren is whisked away to the magical winter wonderland of Thulea, he must learn the power of belief in order to defeat Freya, an evil Ice Witch whose reign of terror has destroyed the hope of Christmas, and earn his rightful place as the successor to Santa Claus if he is to ever return home.

All inquiries: gorkytheband@gmail.com