Stories Behind The Songs...'Braindrainer' 


A 'braindrainer' as an object could mean a couple of different things. It could be a drug, a cell phone, or maybe a song. Whatever it is, the word is meant to signify something mindless you do that gets you out of your head. 

I don't remember exactly when or how 'Braindrainer' came about. I want to say I wrote it in 2014, because it was one of the first songs we played with Tevin in the band. When I play the main riff, it reminds me of another song of ours, 'You Don't Even Know', because it has that basic, two-chord punk thing going on. I must've written it standing in front of the amplifier, because I've only written a couple songs that way, but when I do they sound a lot like that. Most of our songs have been written out on my acoustic, but not always. Not this one. Maybe. 

There's a bit of a story in this tune, which is what I strive for with every tune. Sometimes it doesn't turn out that way. Any song you write can be like a mini-novel, really, or it can be something more abstract. It comes from that anxiety-ridden youth thing, where the guy in the song tries to meet up with a girl, and it's looking good but then it doesn't work out, so he just does his own thing and they sort of ghost each other. But then, there's still this sort of melancholy going on inside of him, because it just kills him when she ends up going out with someone else. 

My voice sounds weird on the recording because I was sick with allergies when we made it, same as 'I Wish U Was My GF' and 'Megalodon,' but it had to be done. We'd braved all this crazy shit getting to Phoenix that I'll touch more on later, but overall I like it, and I like that it opens up the first record.