'Keep Music Evil' Named One Of Vogue Magazine's Best Summer Reads 2019! 

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"Summertime always finds me reading music bios of various stripes—it's a varied field with perhaps more misses than hits—but Keep Music Evil, the new book by Jesse Valencia about the legendary Brian Jonestown Massacre, is going in my beach bag for sure. The ever-changing band and its leader, Anton Newcombe, probably best-known from Ondi Timoner's 2004 documentary Dig!, packs more dysfunction into a day, an album, or a gig than any other I've known, but that seems to be the price for the sort of transcendence they're seeking (and, often, achieving)." - Corey Seymour, Senior Editor

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“I’ve got hundreds of songs we can always pull from, but we’re not bound by that,” [Valencia] says. “We could do progressive hip-hop space jazz with theremins if we wanted to, or stripped-down acoustic folk. We love and can play all kinds of music, though at this moment we’re really into just rocking out and having fun.”