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Anton Newcombe Blasts Gorky Frontman Jesse Valencia On Twitter For Valencia's Forthcoming Brian Jonestown Massacre Book 

Anton Newcombe, the leader of infamous psychedelic rock group The Brian Jonestown Massacre has taken to Twitter once again to berate Gorky's Jesse Valencia for his book on the band, which is forthcoming from Jawbone Press. PREORDER 'KEEP MUSIC EVIL: THE BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE STORY' HERE!

Newcombe, who has never been able to spell the Gorky frontman's name correctly (at times writing 'Jessie', 'Jessy' and 'Jessey'), blasted him on Twitter over the weekend, calling him "lame" and a "vampire" before turning his proverbial cannon towards photographer Bev Davies, who contributed photos to the book, calling her "a serpent". 

"It's unfortunate but expected," Valencia tells Gorkaganda, "classic Anton, but he didn't have to drag Bev into the fray. Funny he calls me lame and a vampire, when he hasn't even read the book yet, much less know what's inside..."

Here is the cover in question:

The tweets are just the latest of Newcombe's taunts towards Valencia, who has been writing the book since 2009 and interviewed over 120 people connected to the band. Newcombe declined involvement in the book, which will be released on April 16, 2019 worldwide.