"About The Good Times" - Gorky A to Z

Music is healing. 

Since Ben's passing, I'm not going to lie… it's been rough. The roughest, even. 

But there's also a bright light at the end of this tunnel, and that's the fact that even though he's gone, we have…

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The Return of the White Mountain Music Scene

It was my first time playing in front of anyone since August of 2019. Crazier than that, I'd barely bothered to pick up the guitar at all during the past two years. So, I didn't really know how this was…

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Gorky Makes The Cover Of The Arizona Republic

Above pic by RODELO

So, if you live in Arizona, chances are you came across this front-page article in the Arizona Republic a couple of weeks ago about the Sitgreaves County publicity stunt intended to promote our in-development film In

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When Michelle Branch Schooled Me On My Lyrics

Michelle Branch's first record "Broken Bracelet"


It was the weekend of my fifteenth birthday, so this was early October in the year 2000.   

I was with my family in Sedona attending the Verde Valley Music Festival, which was the first…

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Vintage Gorky Article From 2005

Found this while going through storage. Crazy! 

With our 20-year anniversary coming up, it's a good a time as any to reflect back on the history of the band. The text might be a little hard to read, so I've…

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