The Return of the White Mountain Music Scene

It was my first time playing in front of anyone since August of 2019. Crazier than that, I'd barely bothered to pick up the guitar at all during the past two years. So, I didn't really know how this was going to go. 

Of course, it went great. Seeing old friends, hanging like we used to, and doing a show like we used to really felt freeing, like a weight is slowly being lifted collectively off of everyone. It felt good to do. It felt right. 

I'm sure a lot of my friends out there in bands agree. When you've been performing in bands for most of your life, which I certainly have, it simply doesn't feel right not to play for a couple of years. Now that we're getting it back, I hope we keep the momentum going. 

I love the White Mountain music scene, and looking around and seeing people succeed at their bands is so fulfilling to me. I want to encourage everyone to do more, and to push, and to keep it going. There's a beautiful thing happening here and I am excited to see it grow. 

A big thank you to Phil The Band and Negative Thirty-Two for including me in this. We have much, much more to do together guys! It was also good to see Christian Tyler cox get out there and sing some tunes, and see his wife Lindsay sing some as well. 

For everyone who missed the show, fear not! YouTube has saved the day. Below you can check out any of the acts from that night. Also be sure to SUBSCRIBE TO GORKY TV and also FOLLOW GORKY ON SPOTIFY 

Thanks again to everyone who came out and we are looking forward to seeing you next time! 

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