Jesse Valencia joins David Lynch Film School, inks deal to publish book on Brian Jonestown Massacre.

34963260_10155345754671566_2339147577196281856_o.jpgGorky (L to R: Tevin Crabdree, Jesse Valencia, Ben Holladay). Photo: Jim Louvau. 


36002791_10211939733877262_2014675519676612608_nValencia, pictured with a portrait of the acclaimed filmmaker, was recently accepted into Lynch’s School of Cinematic Arts for their MFA in Screenwriting Program. Photo: Mike Mahoney

34877848_10155343151366566_2263912300064800768_oActor-Musician Jesse Valencia. Photo: Jim Louvau. 


Fresh off the heels of their epic 18-song debut, ‘The Gork…And How To Get It!’, Arizona-based rock and roll revivalists Gorky have released their latest single, “Action Pants.” With a little help from The Dandy Warhols’ Courtney Taylor-Taylor, the band has crafted a song truly worthy of being called rock and roll.

‘Actions Pants,’ as 32-year old lead singer and chief songwriter Jesse Valencia told The Arizona Republic’s Ed Masley, are “That favorite pair of yours you put on when it’s time to get s–t done, kick some a–, have an adventure, or some combination of the three. At least, that’s what it is to me. They could also just be the pair your butt looks best in.”

The energetic single, released in May, is now hitting airwaves around the world as news spreads of Valencia’s acceptance into the David Lynch School of Cinematic Arts at the Maharishi University of Management for their MFA in Screenwriting Program. Lynch’s recent ‘Twin Peaks: The Return’ series on Showtime has earned him praise from critics and fans worldwide, including several Emmy nominations

The series played a huge part in Valencia’s decision to submit to the program. “The cinematic world David created last summer with Twin Peaks inspired me to want to become a filmmaker,” he says, “I do many different things artistically, but most of the time they’re done separately from one another. What’s appealing about cinema is that to make a unified expression of something, you need to be running on all cylinders at once, so that’s a challenge I like. The screenplay is the blueprint, like the skeletal structure, and you decide what you make out of it, just like with writing songs. That appeals to me on many levels.” Valencia is currently at pre-production for his debut feature film, In The Land Of Good Oaks.

As if that weren’t enough, Valencia’s book on psychedelic rock band the Brian Jonestown Massacre, Keep Music Evil – A Brian Jonestown Massacre Story, has been picked up by UK-based publishers Jawbone Press for release in 2019. The book, which Valencia has worked on since 2008, is a comprehensive history of the band, and their controversial leader Anton Newcombe, from their humble beginnings in early 1990’s San Francisco to the present, compiled from interviews with over 120 current and former band members and associates, including Ondi Timoner, the director of the film that catapulted the group to international fame, “Dig!”, which celebrates its 15 year anniversary next year. A reading tour is expected around the time of release. A portion of the profits from the book will be donated to the David Lynch Foundation, which funds the teaching of Transcendental Meditation to schools and at-risk populations.


Gorky has been a staple of the American garage rock underground since 2002 as the music project of actor, writer, and multi-instrumentalist Jesse Valencia, who made his big-screen debut in the 2016 indie crime drama ‘Durant’s Never Closes,’ opposite Tom Sizemore. The band have lit up the stage as support for acts like Joel Gion and the Primary Colours, Matt Hollywood and the Bad Feelings, and The Myrrors. A retrospective of songs selected from past releases, recorded from 2007 to 2016, was compiled into the band’s official debut full-length, “The Gork…And How To Get It!”, available now on all digital retailers.

“Action Pants,” the first single from the group’s forthcoming record ‘Mathemagician,’ was made available May 4, 2018 wherever music is sold.  

“…[Jesse Valencia] is insane. Or an insane genius.” – Phoenix New Times

“If you haven’t heard Gorky before…they strike me as just a great indie rock band that has no pretension whatsoever.” – Phoenix New Times

“What I love most about Gorky is that bright, summertime sound that glazes over every song…[at a time when it] feels like [ ]indie is coming straight from the bedroom with its stripped down sound and sedate energy, Gorky turns the energy back up…” –YabYum


Please contact for interviews with Jesse Valencia, Gorky, or to solicit further info.

“Action Pants” is out now.
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