The Year Of The Gork

Hello Gorkheads

Since the release of the Gorky EP and Super Drunk video almost a year ago, we’ve released three more records, ‘High In The Low,’ ‘The Deuces,’ and now ‘Live At Last Exit.’ In addition to those, we’ve released our singles ‘She Spoke’ and ‘Dump On Trump!’…and there’s plenty more where that came from! Have you checked out GORKY TV? If not, please subscribe!

It’s also safe to say we’ve played more shows this year than probably the last few years combined, including a stint at this year’s Comic-Con for a screening of our Travis Mills-directed video for ‘Super Drunk,’ which was nominated for Best Music Video (did you know it was also included in Phoenix New Times’ Best Music Videos of 2015?)

We’d post more often on here, but I’ve been hard at work on my book about The Brian Jonestown Massacre, forthcoming from University of Hell Press. Even so, we’ve been working together on some new songs, and I’m really looking forward to getting to work on the next record. In the meantime, we will be releasing a single of ‘Jack Fool,’ our song which appears as the instrumental theme music to this year’s crime drama Durant’s Never Closes, starring Tom Sizemore, Jon Gries, Peter Bogdanovich, Michelle Stafford, and yours truly. We will also soon be announcing the details for our forthcoming 15-year anniversary compilation.

In the meantime, please keep up to date on the latest shows, releases, and news by liking/following us on FACEBOOK ! Until then, please enjoy this stream of ‘Live At Last Exit.’

Thanks y’all and much love!