‘Super Drunk’ Video Release + Gorky EP Pre-Order Info!

Gorky and Running Wild Films have released the music video for “Super Drunk”! A ‘Flintstones-gone wild’ type parody, “Super Drunk” is the second single from the band and their second video collaboration with director Travis Mills.

The video’s release comes the same day as the 5-song Gorky EP is available for pre-order via iTunes and Google Play!
Click the links below to pre-order the Gorky EP for $4.95 USD (taxes and fees may vary)


Pre-Order the Gorky EP on Google Play

Pre-Order the Gorky EP on iTunes



There’s a lot going on in Gorkworld this month…first among them is THE GORKLAUNCH!

We’ve released our first demo and first two records, ‘High In The Low’ and ‘The Deuces,’ digitally on our Bandcamp. Eventually they will be released in custom stereo hi-fi on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon MP3, Tidal, and most other online retailers, but they are available now for the first-time ever directly from the source, and at a killer price! ‘First Demo/2004’ is $3 and each of the two full-lengths are $7 apiece!

Also happening this week or early next…the release of the Super Drunk Music Video! Directed by Travis Mills. Keep your eyes peeled!

Here’s the last video we did with Mills, ‘#Datass’, which has reached over 13,000 views on YouTube and has held the #1 slot on the Running Wild channel for music videos for most of 2015, making it one of the most-watched music videos by an unsigned Arizona band this year.

And, last but not least, the GORKY EP!


The Gorky EP will be released digitally October 21, 2015 via iTunes, Google Play, Tidal, and most other online retailers. Originally begun at Uranus of Tempe, the band had to relocate to 513 Studios after the Gin Blossoms’ Robin Wilson, who owned Uranus, kicked them out after deciding to shut Uranus down. Consequently, ‘Super Drunk’ was the last song to be recorded at the legendary studio. In addition to the singles ‘#Datass’ and ‘Super Drunk’, the Gorky EP features indie anthem ‘Braindrainer’, the 80’s-pop flavored ‘Girlfriend’, and the psychedelic hard rocker ‘Megalodon.’ More details on this release will be available soon.